Consulting, performance & strategy


Industrial consulting was the core business of Added Value Engineering when it was founded in 2005. In the beginning, our vision was to bridge the gap between the worlds of engineering and finance. Today, we create value so that our customers can increase their competitiveness.

Vincent Borgeaud

Founder and co-director

The key to a company's success lies in its ability to align its strategic and operational choices with its vision and identity. We can advise you on how to align these values, and guide you towards performance.

Serge Golay

Co-Director, Transformational Leadership and Strategic Consulting


Operational consulting

  • Visual Performance Management according to TPS (Toyota Production System) model
  • Kaizen Blitz" continuous improvement
  • Inventory reduction through batch size optimization and logistics models
  • Capacity increase
  • Optimizing team models
  • Introduction of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and increased wrench time

Strategic consulting

  • Hosin Kanri
  • 24/7 implementation vs. investment in new production lines
  • Energy optimization for production sites
  • Defining master plans
  • Outsourcing low value-added services
  • Total Facility Management approach and Hard Services tenders
  • Retrofitting of plants and development of new markets (cGMP, food, natural products, etc.)

Acquisition and appraisal

  • Due Diligence: valuation of fixed assets
  • Process and plant transfers
  • Plant damage assessment