Energy and utilities design for industrial installations, our achievements include the production and distribution of steam, refrigeration, compressed air, ventilation and cooling water. 


Specializing in energy and utilities design for medium and large-scale industrial facilities, we support you in your energy production, utilities, storage and logistics projects.

Frédéric Ballaman

Senior Project Manager

Our projects range from large-scale steam production and distribution systems (60to/h) (white steam/black steam) and condensate recovery, to cold production (positive, negative and cryogenic). 

We have also installed compressed air, cleanroom ventilation and cooling water systems (towers).

Added Value Engineering is proud to be able to put forward specific know-how in the design and sizing of high-temperature heat pumpsand absorption chillers.

We are also active in the fields of logistics and warehousing, such as the installation of warehouses with ad hoc levels of automation, the design of loading/unloading bays, the management of hazardous products, and the construction of load handling installations.