Global solutions for industrial engineering

Revolutionize your industry with our innovative, sustainable solutions for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, food and microelectronics.


Chemicals and fine chemicals

Food industry




Mission & Vision

Building the future of responsible industrial production

We support our customers in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and microtechnology industries in their projects, from feasibility studies to commissioning and certification, including planning, execution and risk analysis.

In addition to our engineering services, we also offer strategic and operational consulting services that generate added value and increase our customers' competitiveness.

Committed to sustainability,we develop responsible solutions with minimal impact on the environment.


Project management & construction management

We create the right team and organization to meet your objectives and requirements. Taking into account your resources and partners, we offer tailor-made, adaptable services, and share our experience of over 1000 completed projects.

Infrastructure: energy, storage, waste, emissions

Specializing in the design of energy and utilities for industrial installations, our projects include the production and distribution of steam, refrigeration, compressed air, ventilation and cooling water. We have particular expertise in high-temperature heat pumps and absorption chillers.

Consulting, performance and strategy

We are your partner of choice for operational, strategic and procurement consulting assignments. Our expertise encompasses performance management, continuous improvement, inventory and team model optimization, TPM implementation, as well as the definition of master plans and the outsourcing of low value-added services. We can also help you with due diligence and post-acquisition integration.

Industrial plants

We support you from feasibility study to validation, while providing multi-technical coordination for customized or complex installations, in new-build or renovation projects, and carrying out retrospective retrofits.

Installation compliance, personal safety, hygiene

We specialize in the safety and conformity of industrial installations, in accordance with European and Swiss directives for the provision of safe installations (CFST 6512, pressure, machine, ATEX, etc.).
We pay particular attention to managing the mental constraints of our customers' employees.

Sustainable development & environmental protection

We support you in your carbon footprint assessments and the search for energy optimization. Our achievements include installations for emissions reduction, waste treatment and water protection. These issues are at the heart of our values, and we are delighted to contribute to a more sustainable future for our customers and our society.

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Team spirit
Professional awareness
Value creation

We dedicate ourselves daily to the realization of high value-added projects, in collaboration with people who adhere to our core values. These are the pillars of our company, and are shared by all our employees, including our senior management.